We are committed to support the local community with their needs with 5% of our profits. So every guest who will stay at Regal Rose Apartment will be a part of a great course of supporting the early education of little children. We will be supporting the nursery  'Sri Piyatissa Nursery' at Boragas (10km from Regal Rose Apartments) by providing the kids and the staff with clean drinking water and toilet facilities. Also we will be refurbishing in & outside of the building and will be providing the kids with all materials for their educational needs such as drawing books, crayon, color pencils, writing books, story books and toys to develop their thinking and teamwork.This will allow them to have same facilities as other nurseries around the district and it will support the teacher to educate the kids effectively. With all this we encourage all our guests to make a quick visit if possible to see what you have done to support this course.